February 12, 2013

Just Added: Ragnar Kjartansson @ Luhring Augustine Gallery

If winter blues (and slush) are getting you down, this one will lift you up: Nine screens, nine cameras, nine musicians in nine separate rooms of the same house playing simultaniously… shot in one take.

Artist/Filmmaker/Musician Ragnar Kjartansson presents an amazing film installation experience – not just a delight for the eyes and ears (the song is amazing), but mind-boggling how incredibly precise these musicians play together without actually seeing each other.

It’s 53 minutes long, but it’s completely unnecessary to enter at the beginning or stay the full 53-minutes. If you’re curious (or confused if you enter at this time), the film ends with all musicians gathering in the same room (piano) and exiting the house singing together. If you DO happen to enter AT this point, just go check out Basquiat a few doors down for 10 minutes and come back.

Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors is on view at Luhring Augustine Gallery (531 W 24th St) through 3/16. exhibition website