February 14, 2013

Just Added: Jean-Michel Basquiat @ Gagosian Gallery

I read and watch as much as I can about Basquiat.  With him in particular, I think because I’m looking for a way to explain why I like him so much to others. He represents the magic of painting that doesn’t make any sense and plays a major role in my love of (and move to) this city. But the only way I know how to articulate it and the only other source I’ve found that can, is any one of his paintings.  So please just go see this. It's my favorite exhibition in the city right now.. museums included.

To get you warmed up… some choice movie clips from Julian Schnabel’s “Basquiat” on YouTube:

“We can’t see the painting” 

“Ignorant Art” (with Bowie as Warhol) 

“The Prince with a Magic Crown”

Jean-Michel Basquiat is on view at Gagosian Gallery (555 W 24th St) through April 6, 2013. exhibition website